3rd annual Selma Cafe Anniversary & Volunteer Appreciation Party

Thank you, thank you to all our door prize donators! We had some great gifts for our amazing volunteers. Please shop locally, and support our donors. Let’s keep the cash in our community.

Big thanks go to Sweet Heather Anne Cakes for making us this special hoop house cake. It was so beautiful and happy, and so delicious.

These fabulous cream puffs were the handiwork of Chris Wick, of Miette Bakery. Thank you Chris for always making everything you do so tasty and lovely.

Here’s some wobbly shots from the party. No, they’re not all in focus, but they capture the sweet vibe of the night.

Thank you to all the volunteers, chefs, farmers,¬†vendors, and guests for continuing to keep Selma Cafe sustainable, delicious and full of happiness. Here’s to another year of local food breakfasts and building our community food shed together.



  1. Comment by DjDaniel on February 28, 2016 at 06:44

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