A pretty afternoon for pulling plastic

The sun was out, it was warm enough for just a fleece or sweatshirt, and folks were ready to button up the recent Tilian Farm Development Center hoop house with a big ol’ sheet of polymar. Here’s the group giving the guide rope one more tug to get the hoop aligned just right.

Take a look below at the series of photos that document what it means to pull plastic on a pretty afternoon.

Thanks to the plastic pullers who came out to help Thursday afternoon, including Andrea Ridgard, Mary Lynn Bigelow, Nate Lada, Sandy Lada, Jill Sweetman, Lindsey Kerr, Meghan Milbrath, Ginette Golembiewski, and Ben Fidler. First hoop of the season is coming together beautifully. We’re looking forward to the 20 hoops in 20 days adventure this June, and hope to see you there.



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    I’m not able to find my color for some reason. Would I be in the green or blue group if I live in Murray Utah? I’m exitced to use your site. I want to be a gardener and this will definitely help.

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