we heart volunteers

We heart our Selma Cafe volunteers. We can't do it without 'em! Now that Selma Cafe is a once a month event out at Sunward Cohousing, it's a little trickier ... Continue reading

We did it!

We are pleased to announce Selma Cafe is now its own 501c3 formal non-profit.

Selma Cafe. Again.

Things change. There is uncertainty, and unpredictability. There is loss and sadness. And, there is also kindness, generosity and enthusiasm. This triad of good will created an opportunity for Selma ... Continue reading

Selma Cafe with Chefs Dan Vernia, Rebecca Wauldron & Katey Wietor at Sunward Cohousing

I am pleased and excited to announce that Selma Cafe will re-open for brunch in the beautiful common house kitchen and patio at  Sunward Cohousing,  424 Little Lake Drive, on Saturday, June 22 from 9a-1p with breakfast and brunch specials. I'm thrilled that chef Dan Vernia, formerly of Ravens Club, and currently at Juicy Kitchen Cafe, and chef Rebecca Wauldron of Busch's Fresh Food Market will be stepping in to guest chef. Check back soon for the menu, and spread the word ... Continue reading

Happy to report our new fiscal sponsor: Artrain

I am pleased and excited to share that Artrain is Selma Cafe's new fiscal sponsor. Not only does this allow Selma Cafe to have all of our breakfast donations returned to us from our previous fiscal sponsor, it also gives us the fiduciary support we need until our own 501c3 non-profit status is approved. In addition to the good news about our relationship with Artrain and our funds being returned, I also received a letter from the IRS today stating that ... Continue reading