Executive chef Peter Veach & his awesome crew from U-M Catering cooked us up a perfect autumn breakfast

Peter’s first special was house made chorizo, Coblentz and Harnois Farm scrambled eggs, queso fresca, Tantre Farm pablano pepper, Tantre and Jovial Nature mushrooms, and ¬†Goetz Farm roasted corn all tucked into a detroit made flour tortilla, served with Seeley Farms salad mix, and salsa with Goetz Farm cantalope and Nemeth apples. It was really thrilling to source so much of this special from the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market. The dish was beautiful, toothsome and delicious.

Peter’s second special was a hash made from Tantre Farm potatoes and sweet potatoes, house cured corned beef, and Nemeth apples, topped with Coblentz and Harnois Farm eggs, served with Seeley Farm salad mix. In this photo there is also a side of the chorizo, because we don’t mind mixing it up! This special was also way popular, and ¬†really tasty.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out Thursday evening and Friday morning to serve our 150 guests. Next week we have EAT catering in the house. Be sure to come by and have some breakfast with us.

Until then, have a sweet time in this perfect autumn we are enjoying here in the mitten. See you in the kitchen,



  1. Comment by Germaine Wenderlich on August 9, 2015 at 07:58

    I have your recipe for grilled chicken salad with fruit and raspberry vinaigrette but am missing the instruction. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me those. I was at Henry Ford when you presented this dish and recipe. I thank you in advance. Germaine Wenderlich

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