Huevos Rancheros on a gorgeous spring day

Thank you new Selma Cafe chef Damian Rivera from Sunward Co-housing, with his helper Nelson Sun. Damian brought on the goods with his loaded plate of Huevos Rancheros. He made the serrano chili salsa and the chorizo sausage too. For the vegetarians we had Tantre Farm’s potatoes roasted up in olive oil, salt and pepper. Damian served it all up with corn tortillas, Dragonwood, BP and Schwartz Family Farm eggs, and Michigan grown black beans. Added to the plate were a side of Dragonwood Farm and Green Things Farm fresh salad greens and a lovely little bite of gf cornbread. A perfect breakfast on a lovely spring morning out at Sunward.

Thanks to all the volunteers, new and veteran, who came out to help make this month’s Selma Cafe delicious, especially sous chefs and expeditors Chris Chiapelli and Dan Vernia. With 200 guests served, plus feeding the 20 volunteers, I sure was appreciating everyone who pitched in to help.

In addition to the warm sun and the loveliness of serving guests outside, we had a visit from Andrea, Micah and Trevor of my favorite band Breathe Owl Breathe. What a treat to see them again after the long winter.

Next month, May 17th, we have one of our fav Selma Cafe chef’s  & food writer Nick Roumel at the helm. Stay tuned for his menu.

Until then, I hope you have many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful unfolding  of  our mitten spring, with all its edible bounty.

Be well,



  1. Comment by jeanne on April 20, 2014 at 09:42

    OH.. What lovely food you all prepared. It was fabulous.

    Selma Cafe. there is none other like it anywhere.

    Lisa and team/friends. you Rock.

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