Thank you Nick Roumel for your dozen times making us such tasty food!

Thank you Nick Roumel, top-notch chef, food writer, attorney and Selma Cafe board member for stepping up once again to make us an amazing Greek inspired breakfast. With a dozen Selma Cafe breakfasts under his belt, Nick makes the chef job look easy, from mixing up 4 gallons of  the perfectly flavored tzatziki yogurt sauce, to roasting and slicing 30 pounds of lamb. And, as a consideration to all our vegetarian friends, Nick offered scrambled eggs from Dragonwood Farm and BP Farm, stuffed with herbs and feta cheese as a lovely option. Both the lamb and the scranbled eggs were served with roasted potatoes and fresh spinach salad from Tantre Farm, along with Zingerman’s Bakehouse Rosemary Focaccia and tzatziki. Thank you Greystone Creamery for the perfect feta cheese, and for the special delivery to Ann Arbor. All in all, a really terrific breakfast for everyone.

Thanks too, to the many volunteers who help make Selma Cafe happen each month, especially the volunteers from Circle K who show up for the clean up shift every time!

Finally, thanks to the guests who come out and support the local food movement and making it all fun and worthwhile, and Sunward Cohousing for continuing to welcome us.

See you on June 21 with chef Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings. Until then, be well and enjoy this lovely springtime,


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