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Selma Cafe awards $70,000 in local food and farm grants in 2020

Thanks to all the folks who applied for the Selma Cafe Aspiring Grower Grants over the last weeks, and to the new board of directors of Selma Cafe- Andrea Bachman, Susie Baity,  Helen Harding, Heidi Johnson and Elizabeth Olenzek-  for considering the nearly 75 grant applications from our local food peeps in SE Michigan. After much deliberation, we offered grant money to over 20 applicants. Of course, we wish we had the money to fund all the applicants- wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we supported our farmers and growers and makers so that every person wanting to grow our food could earn a sustainable living? Shop local! Eat your local veggies! Stay warm and safe out there in the world. ~Lisa





We are excited to share that Selma Cafe is offering money to support up-and-coming local farmers and growers who have an idea for a new project, to buy some equipment, grow their farms in specific ways,  or any other need that will support their success, including flower growers and those using local botanicals and local ingredients to make body care products like salves and lotions.

Here is the information you need to apply for the grant:

Selma Cafe Aspiring Grower Impact Grant
Attn: Aspiring Growers, Producers, and Artisans:
If you have a project, are in need of some equipment, have a new idea you’d like to bring to life, or have any other ways you can use some funds to support the success of your farming business, please consider applying for a Selma grant.
Grant funds can be used for farmers, including flower farmers, and for people using local farm ingredients to make artisanal products and other value-added items. This grant is meant to support new, emerging, and aspiring growers who are in need. Note: This grant is not meant for well established growers or businesses who are successfully navigating their farms and businesses.
Criteria: Tell us simply, in a maximum of 500 words:
  1. How you will use the funds to support your success
  2. How much you request. Requests can be made for up to $5000 (how many grants will be offered depends on applicants)
  3. 5% of the funds must be used for outreach or education for the community to support the Selma Cafe non-profit status mission. What will you offer to meet this requirement?
  4. A commitment to follow up in writing after your project is complete to update us on the status within a year or receiving the grant.
  • Grants must be received by December 31 2019
  • Grants will be reviewed by the Selma board through mid-February 2020
  • Awards will be notified by Feb 15 2010
  • For awardees, a written follow-up within one year of receiving the grant is required, simply describing how the grant was used and how it was impactful.
How to Apply
The request can be emailed to [email protected].
Include your name, address, phone number, email address and the best way you would like us to reach out to you.
If you have any questions feel free to email me, or call me. Info below.
E mail your grant request with the subject line “Selma Cafe Grant Application”or use the postal service to:
Lisa Gottlieb
722 Soule Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
734. 417.1144
With warm regards,
Lisa Gottlieb, Co-founder and President of Selma Cafe, and the Selma Cafe Board of Directors

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