The Selma Cafe precursor – Repasts, Present and Future was created by Lisa Gottlieb and Jeff McCabe with support from local chefs. After a series of one-time events to support local food organizations and activities, the regular Selma Cafe Friday morning breakfast was born on February 20, 2009.

Early activities like fundraisers for existing community groups transitioned into the farmer lending and hoophouse building programs intrinsic to Selma Cafe. All activities have sought to support our community dedicated to expanding food awareness, local food access, right-livelihood and the re-prioritization of land use, as well as building connection and inclusion for all involved. Selma Cafe pioneered a micro-credit system for start-up farms, a farm-business incubation project and other local food infrastructure development. Results include the creation of over 20,000 sf of new four-season hoop-houses for area farmers. Selma Cafe breakfasts were served 48 weeks of the year for 4 years from the 722 Soule home, and another year at the Sunward Co-Housing community. While the weekly breakfast is not currently in operation, occasional community events are scheduled to support local foods and community building efforts. See you there!